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We are a small digital consultancy specializing in online business and marketing.

Yazu LLC is a small group of talented experts, with all the tools you need to grow your business online. We listen to your ideas, expand upon them, and make them happen. Whether you’re embarking on a new business idea, building a website, or improving your existing one, our core team is here to get it done. Meet the team that will change the face of your business.

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Why is blogging good for my business?

Chances are you’ve done web searches on various topics, only to find articles pertaining to your exact search query. Perhaps you’re researching how to do your taxes yourself, or learning about a new feature on your phone. The Internet is full of informative articles on almost any topic you can think of. How do the […]

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What is WordPress?

This is our attempt to explain concisely what Wordpress is, to someone who hasn’t the faintest clue.

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